Web Content

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What it does

The Web Content tool allows site owners to choose external websites to display within their worksite.

Can't find this tool?

If you don't see this tool in your course's left navigation bar, go to Site Info in your course site and click Edit Tools at the top of the page to select this tool.

Key concepts

Links: To set up Web Content links, you can specify the URL for any website, and a brief descriptive title. A link will appear in the menubar with the title you've chosen; when you click the link, the website will open within your worksite. You may add multiple Web Content links to your menubar.

Things to consider

  • If you want to provide many links to websites for your course participants, you can avoid cluttering your menubar by listing most of them in the Materials section.
  • Departments, collaborations, or other groups may use the Web Content tool to provide a prominent link to their public worksite.