Re-use Content

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You can copy content in the following tools from one site to another site: Homepage, Announcements, Assignments, Forums (forums and topics only, no posts), Gradebook (not including actual scores), Kaltura, Materials, Schedule, Syllabus, Web Content, Wiki. The Import from Site feature will copy all content from a selected tool (or tools) in a few easy steps. You can also copy individual files and folders directly from the Materials tool.

Copy ALL content in selected tool(s) from one site to another site:

  1. Go to the course site you want to copy content TO and click Site Info in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click Import from Site at the top of the Site Info page.
  3. Choose whether to replace data in your current site or merge data (add to the content in your currrent site). If you don't have content already in your current site, you can select either method. Choosing 'replace my data' will only allow you to copy content from one site, while 'merge my data' will allow you to copy content from multiple sites.
  4. Select the site(s) you want to copy content FROM. You must have the role of Instructor, Course Admin, or TA in a site to import content from it.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select the tool(s) from which you want to copy content (e.g., Assignments, Materials). ALL content in that tool will be copied over. If you don't see a tool in the list, that means the tool has not been added to your current site. You can add tools in Site Info > Edit Tools. If a check box next to a tool is grayed out, that means there is no content of that type in the site from which you are copying.

    NOTE: All content imported from the Materials tool will be set to hidden (unavailable to Students and Guests) by default.

  7. Click Finish. It may take a little time to process the import.


Copy individual files and folders directly in the Materials tool:

  1. Go to the Materials tool.
  2. Click Copy Content from My Other Sites below the list of material items (you might have to scroll down to see the link if your site has a long list of material items).
  3. Click on the folder icon(s) next to the desired site(s) to expand the folders and expose content available to copy.
  4. Select the relevant items (files and/or folders) you wish to copy from another site you own to your current site.
  5. Click Copy above your list of other sites.
  6. Go to your current site's list of material items and click the clipboard icon or select Actions > Paste Copied Items to paste the copied content into the desired folder.